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The Small Business Britain Podcast

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

In episode 3, Karen speaks to the inspiring Christopher Kenna, founder and CEO of Brand Advance - a cultural marketing agency that helps brands reach diversity and connects them with diverse audiences globally.

Christopher shares his fascinating story, the prejudices he still experiences and faces daily being a Black, gay man, and how small businesses currently have a great opportunity to ensure they are speaking to all audiences. 3 things we learnt: as a business owner, everyone is a potential customer.

Small businesses are nimble and can fail fast, recover quickly and start again compared with the big brands. If you’re unsure how to speak to a diverse audience, just try. If you are doing it with the best intentions and heart, then people forgive any errors. Find his business at

Small Business Britain: here to champion, inspire and accelerate small business. Hosted by Karen Campbell Music and edit / production by Ben Lloyd-Evans

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