Diversity Audience Insights, Strategy, Media Planning and Partnerships.



Diversity Media Network & AdTech across 400+ partners and reaching 850m people monthly.



Diversity driven Creative Content Consultation and/or 360 Production.



Brand Advances Unique group of media vehicles allow brands to engage digitally (desktop, tablet, mobile, and in-app ) across all tiers of diversity focussed publishers around the world.


Just as importantly our contextual relevance targeting solution ensures your campaign reaches the ideal target audience for your campaign without collecting personal data: furthermore your advertising will be COPPA (US) & GDPR compliant 



Digital advertising inventory in the BA Marketplace is bought on a PG basis, with DealIDs provided for all relevant Diversity channels in order to partake in our PMP. Our Ad Server can easily integrate with your current DSP in order to access our 'hard to reach' and in many cases (approx 70%) exclusive, diversity focussed audiences.


This is perfect for brands who want to scale effectively within any of our diversity audience channels, and do so, in the safest, quickest and most efficient way.


Campaigns on the Brand Advance Server can be bought on a direct deal basis.

Campaign is fully managed by our Client Services/Ad Operations teams. This is ideal for brands whose campaigns would benefit from human optimisation as well as creative input from our diversity focussed marketing experts - ensuring you have a dedicated external group of resources, focussed purely on the task of facilitating the success of your campaign goals.


We maintain a high quality direct publisher->agency relationship ensuring that we understand who are publishers are and who their audiences are - we constantly work with all our network updating and improving their digital offering and ensuring above industry standards are maintained.

BA has adopted our own internal tagging of articles - XYZ Tagging is a system we use across our network to ensure each article posted across our diversity portfolio is within a Green , Amber, Red system. 


Green        Nothing of concern

Amber      Topless content / Artistic or editorial / Mild Viewpoints on political point.


Red            Controversial point of view / Very Artistic nudity -


*All publications and Content have no past or present offensive language / views or opinion / or violent content)

BrandSafe By Brand Advance

The BA Media Network has been built to facilitate bringing diversity media into a Brand Safe environment - selected diversity publications that pass our ‘On-Boarding Standards’



Identify anonymous IP addresses via frequently updated database provided by a third party,


incl. reported proxies check for multiple impressions from same party (using a number of factors)

IP mismatch, impression IP different from click IP user with multiple IP addresses (based on a number of factors) IP with high click through rate spoofed browsers - detected capabilities vary from expected user with multiple user agents assessment of common user agents continual refinement of algorithms and strategies


VIEWABILITY - The BA Network includes industry standard viewability reporting - Reporting whether or not ads were seen by legitimate people, verified to a high standard. 

URL TARGETING - our platform allows URL targeting to control the domains and specific ad’s that appear on them.


MOAT TAGS - Our platform allows these tags to run alongside campaigns.